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~ I'm often asked how I do my carvings, so I've done an essay "Carving Skulls and Stuff" in the Information folder of my gallery:…

~ Items here that have not yet sold are in the Unsold Items folder of my gallery.… If you want to buy one, or commission a custom piece, send me a note.

~ The current Webcam selection shows Sunday Tea at a friend's home; I'm the one with white hair and a blue jacket. The jacket has a nice embroidered picture of the Star Trek Next Generation version of the Enterprise on the back, but my hair pretty much covers it.


~~~ I went with some friends to the 41st Good Sam Show, a.k.a. Showcase of Miniatures, as I try to every year, mostly to marvel at the workmanship filling up 116 tables and several exhibit areas; human ingenuity applied to expanding and perfecting the concept of "dollhouse furniture". Some of the items, though finely and carefully made, are still obviously miniatures, others could be photographed close-up and appear to be full-size furniture, tools, art objects, or whatever. Much of it is beautiful, and much made of fine materials.
~~~ As usual, I bought only tools and materials, but I was particularly taken by some items that engaged my special interests. For instance:
~~~ Pat Sweet, of Bo Press Miniature Books, had, among her items of dollhouse scale library furniture, a strongbox of Lovecraftian tomes, with a false bottom concealing the Necronomicon. Among her other miniatures were scientific instruments and an exquisitely printed children's pop-up book about sea-faring mice.
~~~ Alan Hamer had many imaginative metal items, but my favorite was the brass bedstead called "too scary to sleep in", which had a dragon head bedknob that could be piped for actual smoke or flame, a moon with creepy outstretched arms, etc.
~~~ IDL Motors is an electronics company that was using linear motor technology to make things like eighth-inch-thick electric fans. They could make a pattern on a printed circuit board move a piece of magnetic material in a controlled manner. Then it occurred to them that if the pattern were a tiny track and the magnetic bits were train cars at 1/144 scale, they could have _working_ toy trains under dollhouse Christmas trees. They now have several Teeny Trains sets, and track sections for building your own. There are possibilities....
~~~ I bought a sort of tweezer-scissor tool from Pearce Miniatures, who use them to make things like tiny paper flowers. And a handy little Kant-Twist Clamp from Smaller Than Life, one of the furniture-makers. And some strips of precision-cut exotic woods for jewelry, from S. H. Goode & Sons Workshop (Stephen Goode precision machines miniature oval wooden picture frames on equipment of his own design, because he's like that. Most of the people selling at the Good Sam Show are like that; one of them did a table whose top is interlinked Escher lizards in various woods.)
~~~ Afterward, dinner at Olarn Thai Cuisine in Cupertino. Yum.
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  • Listening to: lots of wind and rain
  • Reading: The Dark Side of the Sun - Pratchett
  • Watching: the Internet
  • Playing: solitaire
  • Eating: Food; most good, some cake
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Don Simpson
United States
~~~ For several decades I made my living as a research and development technician (mostly electronic and mechanical, some computer gaming) while doing artwork when I could; now I get to be an artist. The art I used to do was mostly drawings and paintings done with India ink and colored inks, or strange creatures and machines made from various plastic materials. These days I mainly carve, what I mainly carve is jewelry, and what I mainly carve things from are natural materials of all sorts. I still do digital art, though, both vector and pixil based, including fonts for computer printing. What next? I'm mostly working on improving my carving, but I want to make some art using the machine tool and computer knowledge from my old "day job".

~~~ I do take commissions, and occasionally trade art. If you are interested, send me a note.

Current Residence: The Far West
Favourite genre of music: Filk (a tradition of the science-fiction community)
Operating System: OS X 10.4 & Mac OS 10.12, iOS 7.1.2, 9.3.5 & 10.0.1
Favourite cartoon character: Hobbes (as in Calvin and Hobbes)
Personal Quote: Be excellent to each other. And... Party on, dudes! (... Bill & Ted)


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VictorSeiche Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your work is amazing.

I have started carving skulls a few months back and im trying to get better at it since i havent done any art until now, i was wondering as tools go, would the air powered tools that dentists use be good for carving? i currently use a proxxon 50E micrmot im pretty happy with it but im just thinking long term about better tools as i start carving more complicated things
DonSimpson Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016
I've never used the dental air turbine tools. I suspect they are less powerful in terms of torque, but I have heard that the speed is very fast, which is what I would like for detail work. I'm sorry I have no advice for you, but maybe you could let me know what you find out?

If you are not following tourmaline-83 here on deviantART, I recommend that you do so. 
VictorSeiche Featured By Owner Edited Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok so i should just maybe upgrade to a proxxon 230/E since i hear it has more torque than the 50/E it goes on 230v plug directly and maybe with a flexible shaft attachment, then ill get a dentists tool for details to see how it works, they do have amazing speeds from 300.000 to 400.000 RPM, i will let you know as soon as i get my hands on one.

From other sites ive heard that the NSK electer is the best carving choice, but unfortunately the price tag is way above my budget which is why i thought about using air powered dentists tools(they are not that expensive here, second hand of course).

Thank you for the tip, her work is very fine!
ionicsquidgenerator Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you kindly for the favs... And mostly for the watch! :D
Crimson-Dragon-King Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the llama :)
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